“Dear Catherine,
The PhytoCeutical Formulations from the Nutrition Company have no doubt played an instumental role in my training and recovery over the years. The combination of the OptiATP, with the OptiPro Protien Shake and Bioactive Glutamine in post-race/training recovery, has been my recipe for success in Triathlon. And, this year more than ever, the addition of the Vitality shakes to my diet has provided the best tasting, nutritionally jam-packed healthy snack available. I am a huge "Spunky Monkey" fan!

Catheine, I hope you and The Nutrition Company will continue your generous support as I achieve my goals and climb to the top of Triathlon. Of course I will continue to wear your logo on my racing gear and promote your PhytoCeutical Formulations and Vitality Shakes whenever possible."


Caroline Smith, Professional Triathlete

“Dr. Wilbert,
A year ago I was introduced to the Phytoceutical line of products. At that time I started using the OptiPro M and the OptiCLA on a daily basis. I also replaced artifical sweeteners and stevia with Swerve for beverages as well as cooking and baking.

Over the years my insulin has been gradually increased in an attempt to keep my diabetes somewhat under control. My doctor felt we were headed in the right direction last year when my Hemoglobin A1c finally came down to 7.8.

Well, one year later, with continued use of your products, I am taking 30 units of insulin less per day than I was taking this time last year and my A1c is 6.3.

OptiPro shake, $2.50. Swerve, $13.95lb., feeling good, PRICELESS!!"

Lisa R.

“Dear Catherine:
I attended your seminar on January 3rd in Mandeville. I was very impressed with your knowledge, your experience, and your products. So I decided to give them a try. Since then I have lost over 20 lbs and I am thrilled. I feel like I’ve discovered some “miracle”. My doctor is very pleased with my progress as well.
I am drinking the OptiPro shake with the OptiCLA in the morning. I also add Kiefer and Superfood (green vegs). I am not “dieting”, I simply don’t eat as much as I used to. I have told EVERYONE about your products, and of course they can see my results. There are several ladies in my office, a couple of neighbors, and a couple of friends in other cities buying your products now.
I just wanted to thank you for helping those of us who struggle with their weight. I can do this for life, and never feel like I’m dieting or denying myself anything."

Diane B., Set on Success Seminar Attendee, Mandeville, LA

“I attended one of Catherine Wilbert's seminars and she talked about all the benefits of OptiCLA® and how it lowers cholesterol. OptiCLA® has lowered my cholesterol 42 points, better than any statin drug I've ever taken!”

Set on Success Seminar Attendee, New Orleans, LA

“Catherine, Thank you so much for the gift of your time and wealth of nutritional information! We are all still talking about how much we learned about general wellness and how healthy we are all going to be as time goes by...Your enthusiasm is definitely contagious and very effective — we offered whole grain muffins, and fresh strawberries and blueberries for breakfast for our early morning online training session today — quite a change from the usual coffee and pastries just a few days ago — thank you, thank you!”


“I can't tell you how very much I enjoyed [Catherine Wilbert's] Q & A session...You just seem to have the most common sense approach to overall health. I haven't been this excited about taking better care of myself in a long time...I appreciate your knowledge and your desire to share it with everyone.”

Jeanie Louque

“The OptiPRO® M is the best tasting and easiest to mix product I have tried so far. I don’t know what’s in your product that is missing in so many of the other ones I have tried, but my energy levels and mood have increased unbelievably.”

Debbie Long

“There aren’t enough words to describe how awesome the weight loss and good health are these days. Since starting on OptiPRO® M and OptiCLA®, the weight and inches are falling off… collectively my husband, sister and I have lost 141 pounds.”

Carla Short