nZymax – Digestive Enzyme and Full Spectrum Vegetarian Enzyme Supplement

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  nZymax™ Digestive Supplement

nZymaxTM is a broad spectrum Vegetarian Enzyme complex, offering a more complete spectrum of enzymes in a Microbial Vegetarian Enzyme complex. It is completely vegetarian and cruelty-free. Finally, with nZymaxTM you are assured proper digestion and maximum absorption of the nutrients available from your food. But what good are digestive enzymes if they only break down limited foods and they don’t happen to be the ones you are eating? Or, if they only work in a limited pH range, when digestion takes place through many pH ranges. The enzymes in nZymaxTM have been specifically selected on the basis of each enzyme’s unique characteristics. nZymaxTM is active in a wide pH range and is effective in maximizing the body’s digestion of a wide variety of food groups, including protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber and dairy. nZymaxTM provides protein digestion through all portions of the digestive tract, digestion of fats and oils of vegetable and animal origins and can even help properly digest the excessive fat being eaten in today’s typical high fat, high carbohydrate diet. nZymaxTM also potentiates the complete digestion of carbohydrate rich foods, such as grains and vegetables, including those in the legume and cruciferous families, and the sugars found in milk and dairy products. Even hard to digest foods like broccoli, beans and milk are no match for nZymaxTM. And, because nZymaxTM includes critical enzymes that humans naturally lack, important mineral nutrients and additional sources of nutrition that would otherwise be lost, are available from our food. Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) have been included to help support the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestine. Having a healthy intestinal flora can lead to the improved breakdown of nutrients in the intestine, thus leading to improved digestive efficiency and nutrient availability.