Mending Your Metabolism


The New Book by Dr. Catherine Wilbert, ND
Learn the Set on Success Strategies to End Dieting Forever!
A no nonsense, gimmick free approach to end yo-yo dieting and start you on a path to genuine health & wellness!
Much more than just better weight management, this book will help you achieve:

  • Better Energy
  • Better Focus
  • Better Sleep
  • Better Overall Quality of Life

With the information in this book, you’ll be able to make better food choices without deprivation, by gaining an understanding of what is in what you eat, and what it does in your body.

“If you learn what’s in what you eat — you can always make good food choices”
Dr. Catherine Wilbert

“A jam-packed, straight from the hip, explanation of how the body processes food and turns it into fuel. For the first time, I understand why diabetes is so rampant and how it has been done to us in America. This book is a take-back-your-health concise, no-nonsense description and solution – a giftfrom the `gods of wellness` and Dr. C! Thank you for such a refreshing, condensed version of your years of knowledge and experience packed into a practical layman’s approach that makes perfect sense and should inspire everyone to a new level of awareness and action. All my Divabetics need to read this book now!”
Catherine Schuller, AICI, CIP
Image and Style Director

“Dr. Catherine Wilbert spells out with convincing authority what we the lay public need desperately to understand about the relationship between metabolism, blood sugar, and protein. Mending Your Metabolism should become the bottom-line Word to help America finally overcome our collective weight problems.”
Diana Nyad,
World Champion Swimmer
Founder of
A fitness movement for women over 50