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Vitality localizes health food flavor
A recent clinical study demonstrates that PCF’s OptiCLA (made with Clarinol CLA™) causes fat loss.
Tis’ the Season of Temptation – Celebrate without gaining weight.
So, What is Kefir, Anyway?
Kefir is a fermented food that adds healthy bowel flora to our intestines, stabilizes digestive function, and has an extensive range of other health benefits.
Weight Training: Weighing in for Adolescent Weight Control
In the United States at least one child in five is overweight and the number continues to grow each day.
Protein ­ For the Hype or Health of it?
Love those bagels, but they”re not on your new low carb plan? The popularity of high-protein diets like the Zone, Atkins and South Beach has created an awareness in many Americans to shun high-carbohydrate foods in favor of high-protein, low-carb alternatives.
Restoring Digestive Function
More than 60 million Americans experience acid indigestion, or heartburn, and spend literally billions of dollars on pharmaceuticals in an attempt to ease their burning pain.
The Great Protein Shakedown
Shaking down what you’ve been shaking up.
Weighing the Myths of Women & Weight Training
If you have yet to learn the benefits of weight training, or are still debating whether or not to try it, this information is for you.
The End of an Era
Rethinking Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy.
The Fastest Way to Fat Loss
Cardio vs Weight Training.
When is enough, enough?
When looking good becomes an obsession.
“Liquid Candy”
Are Sodas Making our kids fatter… and sicker!
Time to Detox
A Three Day Juice Fast to Jump Start Your Health.
Chocolate ­ The Bittersweet Truth
The Psychoactive Cocktail.
Helpful Tips to Keep Restaurant Dining Healthy
Although dining out can be a nutritional challenge, it’s one that is very easily overcome with a few simple guidelines.
Understanding Food Allergies
A food allergy is when your immune system mistakenly identifies a food component, usually a protein, as a foreign substance that must be attacked.
Beat the Heat with Proper Hydration
Whether you are running a marathon or simply cutting the grass, adequate fluid intake is essential for comfort, performance and safety.
Managing Menopause, Naturally
Many women in search of an alternative to HRT, have found tremendous success in a more holistic approach of herbs and nutritional supplements, whole foods – particularly soy, and exercise.
Just Say Soy
Never before has eating one simple food held so much promise for health.